The orbital path of the satellite named Polar.

SOS for Windows - Version 23.2 (239 downloads)

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Satellite Orbit Simulator V23.2 (SOS) Features/Capabilities

  1. Three-body solutions that include bulging Earth and lunar gravity.
  2. Multiple propulsion methods: impulse ∆v, long-duration low-thrust, solar pressure.
  3. User friendly with lots of new tools for making space mission design fast and easy.
  4. User-defined launch location.
  5. User-defined Earth atmospheric drag and lift.
  6. High resolution 3D imagery with mouse-controlled zoom, rotate, shift, etc. 
  7. Three Earth images to choose from.
  8. Accurate star map providing realistic space background.  Labels are optional.
  9. Ground tracks.
  10. Earth rotation, lunar orbit, and Sun location accurately synchronized with date and time. Use it to observe solar eclipses in past or future.
  11. Multiple ways to enter initial conditions: position and velocity vectors, orbital elements, and Two Line Elements (TLEs).
  12. Finds and accepts TLEs based on NORAD Catalog IDs and satellite name.
  13. Simulation with play, pause, single step, forward wind, and rewind buttons.
  14. View from a point in space, the satellite, or your location on Earth.
  15. Save and share your projects in editable JSON files.
  16. Comes with a free book on space mission design using SOS and lots of example project files.
  17. Free for educational use.